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Fees for Commercial Uses of Images

Publication fees help make possible the continued growth and care of
Somers Historical Society collections. Ordinarily a fee will be charged for
publication, according to the schedule below. The fee is for a one-time,
non-exclusive use in one publication with U.S., Canadian and world rights
only for the purpose applied for in writing by the purchaser. It applies to all
publication formats - print, film, and digital.

Circulation up to 100,000                 $50.00   per image
Circulation 100,001-750,000            $100.00 per image
Circulation over 750,000                  $200.00 per image
Digital/Online Use                              $500.00 per image

To obtain an image, please contact us at (914) 277-4977 for a Rights and
Reproduction Contract.

Mail completed contract and appropriate fee to:

ATTN: Collections Committee
Somers Historical Society
P.O. Box 335
Somers, NY 10589